Welcome to the official fan site of The Toads! Here you'll find information on the band that changed the music scene of Tampa, FL in the 1990's (okay ONE of the bands). From the humble beginnings of practicing, recording and even gigging in the empty house next door, the original 3: Steve, Chad, and Larry built a solid foundation from numerous rock influences while dreaming of their own sold-out concert tours. In the late 80's the names ranged from 'Fast Forward' to 'Room Service' playing teen clubs and parties and renting 8-track recorders to cut their first demo tapes.

Along the way they picked up Chris and Eddy to form 'The Toads' and hit the Tampa club scene. On those Saturday nights Ybor City's 7th Ave was packed with cars slowing down to gawk at the line of club-goers wrapping around the block of Carmine's Restaurant. Outside would hang the giant green banner letting everyone know The Toads were playing.
Now more than 20 years later, they're rocking the business, industrial, home improvement and legal worlds instead - but still take time out for special engagements!